Front Verkleidung Touring, Street Glide - Twin Cam Modelle mit Radio

Front Verkleidung Touring, Street Glide - Twin Cam Modelle mit Radio

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Harley Davidson Touring Outter Fairing Touring and Street Glide models

 Passt für Touring Modelle 1996 up, eventuell auch an andere (wenn man Bohrungen verändert).
Schwarz lackiert,Wrinkle Lack (Kräusellack)

Komplett mit Pioneer Radio und Lautsptecher

Siehe Bilder.

Overview of Hoppe Industries Quadzilla Fairing with Stereo Receiver - HDF-5566-FB

  • Fiberglass constructed and gloss black gel-coated
  • Mount on stock windshield docking points with included brackets
  • Top-of-the-line Eclipse CD stereo with 200W output
  • Stereo is completely assembled with marine-grade weather door and four pre-wired speakers
  • Fast connection to bike's electrical system with only three wires
  • Includes 12 in. clear windshield
  • Uses 96-up OEM-style and aftermarket replacement windshields (sold separately)

    FLSTF requires relocation of turn signals

    If using the 96-up OEM-Style and/or aftermarket replacement windshield - Drilling and trimming may be required





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